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CVs and Resumes

We know how to write CVs and resumes that get results - the right structure, content and design.

Covering Letters

Targeted letters that show recruiters that you are a perfect fit for the job.

LinkedIn Profiles

Our writers can help you build an engaging LinkedIn profile that attracts potential employers and networking opportunities.

Business Writing

Business support services that allow you to focus on what you do best.

Outplacement Services

We help you, or your employees, to successfully exit one job and move on to the next.

Interview Coaching

Need help tackling those tricky interview questions? Sit down with an expert and polish up those interview skills.


The right structure, content and design

Your CV has one straightforward function – to get you a job interview. Easily said, but not so easily done in the current market! Employers have large numbers of applicants for every role.

Successful Resumes’ approach means you’ll have a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd and clearly positions you as a valuable candidate. Your CV (curriculum vitae or resume as it is also known) is based on a careful needs assessment to create a powerful selling tool – a tool to sell you!

What a successful CV contains

  • dynamic layout and a professionally designed front cover give the visual impact needed for your CV to succeed in the battle to gain attention
  • Strategic development of your CV to inject a marketing-oriented approach to selling you, and to maximise your potential of winning that interview in a competitive employment market
  • personal profile– because employers hire people based on more than just experience and skills. They are highly motivated by personal qualities and attributes, especially when this information is presented in our unique, proven style
  • highly readable, succinct writing style, helping the employer to reach a positive decision to interview you without wading through pages of rambling text
  • Your CV will be a powerful “selling tool”– as opposed to being just the traditional list of employment and task related details offered by most people
  • We pay special attention to grammar and syntaxas well as to the tense and tempo of the language
  • If you have references or appraisals available, we may use ‘excerpts’ within the body of your CV. We have found this to be a highly effective marketing and image building strategy because it brings the positive opinions of past employers into dynamic focus

A modern CV for the twenty-first century

Our team of human resource, management and marketing professionals have created stunningly written and highly engaging CVs loaded with vital keywords, and presented in a professional, visually appealing style that has had proven success.  Click on the samples below to view some of the styles we offer – all are ATS compliant, meaning they will perform well in the software used by recruiters.

Cover letters to strengthen applications

Once you have a dynamic new CV, get a cover letter to match.

Successful Resumes can write powerful cover letters as part of your application for specific job opportunities.

We don’t rehash what is already in your CV, as some people do.  We focus on the benefits you can bring to that organisation.  We communicate in a manner that exudes confidence and poise.

We know of situations where applicants were rejected because of their poorly written cover letters.  The hiring manager didn’t even bother looking at the CV.  Don’t let this happen to you!


Connecting you to opportunities

LinkedIn membership in New Zealand already exceeds 600,000 people. Globally, executives, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters and sales people are joining at the rate of two per second to build their professional network. Most recruiters check shortlisted candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to ensure the information listed matches their CV, and to see whom the candidate knows.

A CV from Successful Resumes will be in a format that allows you to easily transfer the text into LinkedIn to generate a basic profile. However, LinkedIn is more than just an online CV site – your profile needs to be optimised and kept up to date.

Successful Resumes can help with an improved profile and even build a profile page for you from scratch.

Group of workers

Our LinkedIn writing service includes

Writing a highly readable and engaging profile that maximises your opportunities

Crafting catchy and keyword focused headlines that attract interest.

Tailoring your keywords and skills for your industry sector so recruiters and employers can find you

Providing advice and coaching on how to connect and build your network.

Interview Coaching


Research shows that confident applicants perform much better at interviews than nervous applicants. The best way to build your confidence is to practice your skills with an experienced interview coach and gain valuable feedback.  Whether it’s confirmation that you have the right approach or suggestions for better ways of expressing yourself, our writers can give independent advice and tips on how to present yourself well and demonstrate that you are a good match for the job.  Contact our writers for more information.

Small business writing services

In our competitive business environment, ensuring your communication is professionally written and on target is critical to maintain your reputation and business advantage.

Successful Resumes offers cost-effective corporate writing, branding and marketing solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Our writers work with you to develop and implement communication strategies that will improve your corporate image.


Redundancy is a very distressing experience for many people; staff and managers alike, need support to navigate the job market and find new opportunities.

Our writers work sensitively with employees to draw out their talents and qualities, and present them to prospective employers in the most effective way.  We help them to navigate the job search environment and provide them with the tools that enable them to put their best foot forward.

Contact us to plan and develop high-quality support programmes that will help your employees leave the business with dignity and  confidence, ready to take the next step in their career.