Recession proof your income with an exciting new business opportunity with Successful CVs NZ

Writing CVs is buoyant business that suffers very few peaks and troughs. Job-seekers understand that their CV is a sophisticated marketing tool critical to their success, and many recognise they need professional assistance to stand out and win in the highly competitive employment market.

Writing CVs is also as recession proof as it is possible to be for a business. In tight economic markets, retrenchments increase as employers look to cut costs.  More people are out of a job and looking for work.  That’s when we move into top gear as the phones ring hot and the emails roll in from potential clients.

In good times, people move around more from job to job as they carve out their careers.  They need carefully written CVs to help position them for a jump in responsibility or a change of industry.

Successful CVs NZ is part of an international group of professionals.  Our philosophy is that a successful CV is a strategic marketing document, creatively designed and intelligently written. It’s not just a typed up list of employment dates and tasks, as many so-called CV writers tend to treat the exercise. In addition to a personal consultative approach, interviewing every client, we set very high service standards for ourselves with formalised quality control systems and a code of conduct.

Currently in NZ there are few truly professional CV writers who live and work in the country.  Our customers approach us because they value the personal approach of local kiwis who understand the market and culture.  

We are a professional cooperative group not a franchise. Our team shares advertising costs, business expertise and writing knowledge but each person manages their own exclusive territory individually. It’s the perfect blend of help when needed and personal flexibility!

Our group consists of both full time and part time professionals. Some are parents who wish to spend more time with their children, others are looking for supplementary income, some are semi-retired and others are young people keen to develop a great business. We are a diverse entrepreneurial group and highly supportive of each other.

The Benefits

Satisfying, creative work
Helping people rebrand themselves and win in the job market is immensely satisfying.  The work is people facing and creative. You meet and talk at length with interesting people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Lifestyle & Flexibility
Work from home or office, for as many hours as you want.  You can operate your territory full time or as a part time business.

Opportunity to grow
As well as prospects approaching you via phone and email from national promotions, you can build your territory by developing your own opportunities.

Affordable and economically practical
Your business operates with very low overheads. Returns on investment are excellent, with outlay typically returned in six months.

There are 25+ people in the Successful Resumes group across Australia and NZ; men and women, from their 20s to their 70s, with a variety of career backgrounds and business experience.  Several also have physical disabilities.

Proven Approach
Successful Resumes offers a dynamic, international group established for more than 16 years.  We operate in all states of Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.  Our methods have proven just as successful in New Zealand as they have overseas.

Complete Training
You don’t need an HR background to be a successful CV writer. Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds including teaching, marketing, administration, military, law, IT, government and farming.

What you will need to qualify to purchase a Successful Resumes territory?

  • Good communication skills, a love of people and the desire to help them – a creative spirit wouldn’t go astray either
  • The capacity to run a home-based or small office-based business within the territory
  • Intermediate MS Word, internet and emailing skills, and familiarity with Windows
  • The ability to learn new systems reasonably quickly – most of our members take 5 days or less of training time before they are confident to start their business
  • Willingness to receive new ideas, practices and procedures with an open mind
  • The desire to work for yourself and the realisation that great rewards come from investing in your own future and from hard work

Act now

Exclusive freehold, non-franchise business opportunities are available in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin. Key provincial regions are also available.

Prices range from $ 17,000 for a regional territory to $ 29,000 for larger territories. Most territory owners earn back their purchase price within 6 -12 months, maintaining an ongoing and comfortable living.