Successful Resumes helps Santa with his CV!

Santa CV

Recently Santa Claus approached Successful Résumés New Zealand for help in developing his CV.  Once the Christmas rush is over, Santa is keen to use the skills he has built up in manufacturing, logistics and joy to help out organisations on a consulting basis.

Santa realised he needed a professionally written CV to help him stand out from all the other magical beings after finding he couldn’t even get an interview in New Zealand using his old CV. 

Santa Claus

1 Snowzone St

North Pole

Ph. 80808080   Email:

CEO of global manufacturing and logistics organisation seeks consulting roles between February and September

  • Leads not-for-profit operation known worldwide
  • Recognised expertise in happiness and joy
  • Hundreds of years of experience


Chief Enjoyment Officer                                                        Year Dot – Present

North Pole Toy Manufactory


  • Oversees toy production, particularly seasonal peak in October quarter
  • Leads highly trained elvin workforce.
  • Analyses individual customer requests and allocates toys according to “naughty or nice” ratings.
  • Personally completes intensive global delivery schedule using specialised air transport team on the evening of December 24th
  • Acts as global spokesman for organisation, stressing corporate values of giving in preference to receiving.

Major Achievements

Financial Performance

  • 10% Gross Domestic Happiness (GDH) improvement over past decade.
  • Flow-on effect from company activities boosts GDP in many countries during October quarter.

Management Systems

  • Regular annual performance reviews and last year’s computerisation of “naughty or nice” list, mean systems are so well tuned that CEO may now take from January to September off.

Improved OH&S systems

  • Elvin injuries reduced by 87% in last four years. Root cause analysis identified egg nog as a factor in majority of industrial accidents, particularly scrapes and sprains during skateboard testing.  Revised OH&S policy bans nog consumption within 12 hours of shift.


  • Service agents dressed in company uniform operate in major shopping areas during December to reinforce company messages, and to confirm customer orders prior to delivery. This channel has expanded by 13% in the last decade.

 Brand Recognition

  • Maintained positive brand image despite concerted efforts from Bah Humbug pressure groups to disparage North Pole Toy Manufactory’s methods.
  • Made progress in differentiating organisation from profiteering pirates offering poor imitations.

 Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction levels increased from 93% in 2004 to 96% in 2008 as “naughty/nice” ratios reduced.

Thank-you letter from satisfied customer:

Dear Santa,

Thanks for bringing me the doll I asked for.  It’s exactly the right one.  It’s extra special because, after Daddy lost his job, he said there would be no presents this year.  He said I should trust in you and everything would get better. 

Love from Samantha.

Special skills

  • Speaking every language in the world
  • Toasting marshmallows on an open fire
  • Evaluating chimney designs
  • Ho Ho Ho-ing
  • Putting sparkles in the eyes of mothers and fathers
  • Widening children’s smiles

References:     Tooth Fairy

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