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  • "Thank you I am very happy with your work Simone…you are amazing how you have captured over 30 years of my career in a CV! Also how you have understood the military language. No more additions or amendments from my perspective. Very happy…thank you."
    Jan K
  • "Simone, I have just received confirmation of appointment as Director and Chair of the Utilities Board. I will sign the offer letter in the morning. I thank you so much for your assistance, support and encouragement to enable my application to be forwarded in a professional format and style."
  • "Thank you for sending this through - the CV looks great!! Can I ask who you went to so I can recommend them if we get asked in the future? Sometimes I see professional CV writers that give advice that doesn't work, but this looks great!!"
    Anna – Recruitment Consultant
  • "Ben at Successful Resumes did a fantastic job of producing a great CV for me. He spent time talking with me to assess the career opportunity I was pursuing to make sure the CV was correctly tailored. I had the chance to review the CV before Ben finalised it. The end result was a professional targeted CV that was fit for purpose. The final product was delivered ahead of time and at a very reasonable cost given Ben's service, attention to detail and the high quality he provides. I was successful in the job application and the CV that Ben produced for me was without doubt a contributor to this outcome. I recommend Successful Resumes to anyone who is looking for a bespoke and high quality CV."
    Liz C, Senior Manager, Wellington
  • "Thank you very much Denis for your guidance, professionalism, and thorough package. You have completely exceeded my expectations! I am confident that your input will greatly assist my desire to move in a new direction. I am most grateful!"
    Paula B, Midwife, Meadowbank
  • "Thank you for your efforts in bringing my CV up to date. I have had some good results, in one case I received a job interview within ten minutes after emailing my CV to a recruitment agency. I now look forward to starting in my new role in the next few weeks. I can't thank you enough for all your time and help."
    John – Real Estate Sales
  • "I thought you'd like to know that I have accepted the position of Portfolio Manager at [a council]. This is a senior position and I'm sure the work you did sorting out my CV was instrumental in gaining the interview in the first instance. This was the first position applied for using the CV prepared by yourself."
    Barry – Business Owner
  • "As a recent graduate looking for employment in the public sector Ben was instrumental in helping me navigate the whole process from producing a great CV targeting my relevant strengths, to having one on one consultations in regards to helping refine my job search, and when the time came, job interview preparations. The end result was having a few job offers to choose from and again Ben was incredibly helpful with his advice and knowledge in the area. Luckily, I was successful in the job application and Ben's help with every stage of this, I feel, was instrumental in this success. I would highly recommend Successful Resume's and Ben's work, especially to recent graduates."
    Elly Skoko - Analyst, Government Sector
  • "Thanks for your help with the CV & Cover Letter. My brother also used Successful Resumes based on the results it yielded for me. Within days he too has found a job in his area of study which only goes to show the effectiveness of you & your team in making CV's stand out from the rest."
    Sharan – Hospitality
  • "On Friday I was offered the position of Corporate Sales Executive for an up-market CBD cinema complex in the cultural end of Adelaide. This is just great for me. I wanted to let you know that the new resume did open new doors for me and believe it was key to getting my foot in the door with this one. I have since referred two more people to Successful Resumes as your service was KEY to changing my career."
    Michelle W, Sales Professional, Adelaide (via Skype)
  • "I found Ben to be very thorough and highly professional in his processes of creating a resume for me. I am very happy with the end result & have also found the accompanying job search toolkit CD most useful as I have never had to submit a resume for a job application before. I had been in the same job for 25 years & my previous jobs had all been obtained through word of mouth before resumes were really used. I would recommend anyone to use Successful Resumes."
    Garry G, Wellington
  • "Hi Jo. Good news. I'm starting my job tomorrow at [Telecoms firm]. Thanks again for your help."
    Anna – IT
  • "Using Successful Resumes was a great move. Ben made the process so easy and flawless and I ended up with a fantastic resume. I recommend this service if you are serious about presenting yourself well."
    Marek, Operations Manager, Wellington
  • "Hi Jo, you 'spiced up' my CV earlier this year. With that I finally got invited to a few job interviews, and now have been offered a position in a total different field. This will be my second step towards career change. Step one was getting my CV re-written. Thanks for all your help!"
    Doreen – Administration
  • "CV is looking great, thanks so much. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family as I am very much satisfied and very happy with your work, thanks again."
    Katie – Biotechnology
  • "I'm feeling quite gobsmacked now - as well as having an interview next weekend at AA School I was also shortlisted for the position at BB Area School yesterday. They conducted the interview this afternoon and have offered me a specially created position as Assistant Principal which is effectively the Principal of the junior end of the college (years 1-6). I can't believe it, its been a better outcome than I would have ever thought possible. Thanks so much, it was clearly your resume that turned it all around for me. Best value for money I've had in a long time."
    Mel M, School Principal, Otago
  • "Many thanks for your efficient service and great CV it's already working. Going for first interview tomorrow. Looking positive already."
    Carl - Engineering Sales
  • "As a graduate it can be really hard to recognise what is relevant to an employee and what isn't. Ben was great, he identified the areas I should be showing off, as well as showing me the things an employer doesn't care about. It was a very simple process, one meeting and a few emails, and I had my CV all finished. I was really happy with the result and when the time comes I'll be following up with Ben to update my CV."
    Sophie W, Law graduate
  • "Thanks for your help. I've been telling all how much it is worth getting a new CV if you REALLY want that job."
    Marcus – Design
  • "WOW! You really do bring out the best in your clients? Cannot compliment you enough on your excellent work."
    Donovan – Logistics
  • "Thank you so much for your efforts & guidance. It was great that I met you & also must appreciate the work you have done. I must say you polished a black stone in to a diamond. This CV has given me great amount of confidence and I hope it will bring luck in my job hunt."
    Durai - Customer Services/Sales
  • "Wow!! I am Impressed!! Thanks Jo it looks fab."
    Keely - Engineer
  • "Thank you for your help with my CV. After months of getting no responses I got three interviews this week after sending the new CV. Very exciting!"
    Laura - PR Graduate
  • "I found Miriam at Successful Resumes after a very bad, and extremely costly experience with another CV service. From the moment we spoke on the phone I knew I would not have the same issues with her. She was extraordinarily professional and went above and beyond to meet me for a face to face interview, even though it was a public holiday. She was very prompt at putting together what was a very well presented and well written document. But the real test was sending it out to potential employers and landing a job I love. I think the CV was a fabulous starting point and highlighted exactly what it needed to, without fussy fonts or graphics. I would recommend Miriam to anyone looking to polish a tired looking resume. I loved how she injected some personality into the CV and got a sense of who I was during the interview rather than just slapping sentences together."
    Amy, Journalist, Auckland
  • "I found that the final version of the CV was outstanding and was really pleased with the end result. You were really helpful and understanding throughout the entire process which made creating my CV a lot less stressful!"
    R. Kingsford
  • "Thank-you so much for all your hard work on my CV. I am really pleased with the result and it is great to have an up-to-date CV ready to go."
    Tania - Customer Services
  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Jo at Successful Resumes. Jo's ability to absorb, process and present a huge range of information into a fantastic CV is, quite frankly, outstanding. Thanks Jo - my appetite for a new challenging career is now stimulated."
    Bruce - CEO
  • "Just a note to let you know I was successful with the CFO position. Thank you again for your help with the resume. It was a far more difficult and exhausting exercise than I had ever imagined, but it is most satisfying to be able to say that I could not have produced a better resume than the final product. Your challenging questions gave me reason for much soul searching but I have come through the process with a higher opinion of my skills and achievements (as have others in the company). I asked two trusted friends in senior professional positions to read and comment on the resume and they were impressed enough that you may get further business out of it!"
    Peter S, CFO, Adelaide (via Skype)
  • "Thank you for sending through the final versions of the CV - they look awesome. I really appreciate the work you put into creating these for me.
    Heath - Training and Development
  • "I found it extremely beneficial using Ben for the writing of my Resume. Coming to Sydney was pretty daunting as it was and finding a job was my biggest goal and challenge. I registered with various recruitment agencies and many commented on my resume especially in terms of how easy it was to read and with only the relevant details provided. It took me a couple of months to find my job but I eventually found one with a great company and great people and I have no doubt that a large part of me gaining employment was down to my resume getting me through the first steps in the recruitment process."
    Mariana, Sydney (via Skype)
  • "Just thought I'd pass on the girls' thanks for the excellent CV's you provided them recently. Both have been successful in getting very good jobs. Whitney starts on Monday in a high paying position with LX that has excellent future advancement prospects, and Casey has just today landed a very good job with DL in their administrative team, so both are very happy girls. What did stick out very clearly through their process of searching for the right position was that their CV's were complimented on by everyone as being excellent and that in both cases they immediately caught the eye of the reader. Whitney's CV was in-fact so outstanding that LX's National Logistics Manager flew up from Wellington especially to meet her and is already mapping an advancement process for her. I can say without doubt that the minimal cost involved was money very well spent. The best gauge of this is that the CV's did the job they were intended to do and got the girls very good jobs."
    T Family, Logistics Management, Takanini
  • "I am a structural engineering student who you prepared a CV for earlier in the year. The CV worked really well; I was made two offers, from two of the largest structural engineering consultancies here in New Zealand. From the interviews I went to, they all commented on the fact that the CV was clearly the best they had received and found it easy to read and take the key points from. Thank you for your time in preparing my CV, it certainly made the difference for me securing an interview and a job."
    Blair L, Engineer, Takapuna
  • "Thank you very much for your help in drawing up my CV. Last year I went through the process of applying to all the large accounting firms but my CV wasn't good enough to even get me an interview. This year with the new CV, I applied to all the accounting firms and some banks. In the last couple of weeks I have received a few invitations to evening events plus I got an interview with KPMG. They subsequently sent me out the letter of offer and contract last Friday and I signed it today."
    Sohail K, Accounting Graduate, Auckland
  • "I'm thrilled to let you know I have just resigned from my position at Council to take up a senior position at (a government department). I believe the reason I received interviews for the position was purely down to having you rewrite my resume. The comments that I received were that it was professional, succinct and extremely easy to read. I seriously do not believe I would have received interviews if it wasn't for the professional quality of my resume. It was the single best thing I did in my efforts to find another position."
    Kay D, Senior Manager, Adelaide (via Skype)
  • "Your envelope came in the mail this afternoon. I am very pleased with the CV but I also wanted to say I have looked at the Jobsearch Toolkit on the CD and it appears to be gold. I am just sorry I didn't approach you a year ago."
    Roy S, Business Manager, Browns Bay
  • "This is to let you know that I am now employed and have an excellent payroll job. The CV that you prepared, worked well for me and out of the 3 positions I applied for (I got an interview with all of them) I took the job that suited me best."
    Christine S, Payroll Clerk, Massey
  • "WOW. This is incredible. All I can say, is you have exceeded my expectations. I must be honest, I did not know what to expect in the beginning but the end product is exceptional and worth every dollar. Thank you so much."
    Alex N, OH&S Consultant, Wollongong (via Skype)
  • "Thankyou for what you have done to my CV. What an amazing difference. In 2008 I spent $200 on someone who claimed to be a professional CV writer but all she did was change the fonts on and make some minor edits to what I had given her. And it didn't work. I wasted 18 months pushing that CV to recruiters without result. After all those months without success I was beginning to doubt myself. When I read your new draft for the first time I thought, "Is that me?" Of course it is! Special thanks for reminding me what a capable person I am. You completely reworked my approach. When you interviewed me you managed to dig out lots and lots of my past achievements. I'd forgotten a lot of my successes and taken my strengths for granted. I got an interview for a job within 24 hours of sending my new CV out. Fingers crossed."
    Christine M, Medical Sales Specialist, Mairangi Bay
  • "My resume was quite generic and in hindsight "flat" and I needed something that strategically focused on an Enterprise Architect position advertised by one of the world's leading insurance companies. My contract work has been somewhat scarce since the GFC and I knew that as a mature age candidate despite my depth of successful, senior international IT management experience, I needed a short, sharp and well presented resume that was going to 'hit my mark'. I'm extremely delighted see that your knowledge of the IT industry from your own successful record in senior Asia Pacific hi-tech marketing roles has confidently flowed through my resume - just what I needed! Thanks – I've just accepted one small strategic contract and going to my 3rd interview with the targeted icon insurance business……….the rest is up to me."
    Robin A, IT Senior Manager, Sydney (via Skype)
  • "I am rapt with the professional profile you put together for me. I've never needed a CV up to now, always able to generate new business through my existing contacts. Now as I seek to expand into new areas I needed something on paper that puts across what I do in a nutshell. My attempt ran to eight pages and still never really got to the point. I love how you have provided so much detail about all the things I have done, yet still made the document short and easy to read. I've always known what I could do - and wouldn't be shy to tell people about it – but sometimes you have to send the paper version first! You've presented it in such a way that I can send it to potential clients overseas and here, knowing the message is very clear, and I come across as professional and switched on."
    Lloyd D, Consultant, Hillsborough

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