Why use a professional CV writer?

A professional CV writer gives you:

  • Guidance – someone on your side to advise how you need to present yourself to achieve the results you want
  • Objectivity – to take a fresh look at you from the outside, as you are now
  • Experience – to know what recruiters and hiring managers look for
  • Writing skill – to find the precise word to communicate the right message
  • Editing – to highlight information about you that matters without distraction from the detail


Do-it-yourself CVs are career suicide

In other countries, professionally written CVs are the norm, particularly for higher-level positions. Here in New Zealand many people still think that a CV is something they can knock up themselves in half an hour – "near enough is good enough", they think. Those days are gone. In today's competitive market with arms-length electronic recruitment methods, do-it-yourself CVs are career suicide.

We see hundreds of do-it-yourself CVs a year – if scored out of 10 for effectiveness, the average would be 3. Why do some people so limit their job search opportunities by starting with a poor CV that says to an employer, "I can't spell, I can't write clearly and I can't even explain why you should hire me."

Would You Give Yourself a Haircut

Get a CV that's 10 out of 10

A professional CV writer can make your strengths leap from the page, while ensuring you emphasise transferable skills that really make you stand out from the crowd.

Objectively writing up a dynamic CV about yourself isn't easy. It's like looking in the mirror and giving yourself a haircut! You can ask your friends, colleagues or your Mum to help you write a CV but will just get you a CV like everyone else's, at best.

While its true that do-it-yourself CVs are free, this is your career we're talking about! How much are you saving if your applications keep getting ignored? How much are you saving by being out of work for longer or stuck in a lower paying job?

Your CV is the document with potentially the greatest impact on your future career direction, job satisfaction and standard of living. You've invested money and time (and time is money) in your career training. Invest a fraction more in a professionally written CV that presents you at your very best.

People search the internet for resume examples and CV samples but a professional CV writer builds your personal branding