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Hunting for jobs can be confusing, time consuming and often frustrating.  Newspapers and internet recruitment sites are no longer the only places to look.  There’s networking, via peers and special interest groups as well as on social and professional online networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Bebo and Twitter.

To help you navigate this new job search jungle, and maximise your chances of hearing about vacancies, obtain interviews and win jobs, Successful Resumes has put together the Jobsearch Toolkit. 

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The Jobsearch Toolkit includes our exclusive Jobhunt Roadmap, along with advice, tools and tips:

  • What bosses look for in applicants
  • Success factors
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Writing effective cover letters
  • Interview techniques
  • Answering tough interview questions
  • Positive body language
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Planning a career change
  • Career change if you are over 45


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