Successful Resumes' unsurpassed international network of experience

Successful Resumes New Zealand is part of the longest established and most experienced group of professional CV writers in Australasia. The organisation celebrated its 20th year of operations in 2012. We cover New Zealand and every state in Australia to provide you with an unsurpassed network of experience. Our international network now extends to the United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore and Hong Kong. We have written literally thousands of CVs. Regardless of your industry or present location, we can help.

Successful Resumes was established in 1992 in Australia by John Little after he sold his flourishing advertising agency. He had been seeking a new challenge in which to use his business knowledge, his experience employing and managing people, as well as his creative marketing expertise. After considerable research and analysis of employers' requirements and applicants' needs, he concluded that;

  • CVs, too often treated as a simple typing exercise, contained boring lists of historical task related data, and totally lacked dynamism and marketing focus.
  • Consequently those CVs were basically ineffective at selling the applicant.
  • To be successful, CVs needed to individually market people's personal qualities as well as their strengths, skills and achievements.

New Zealand resumes and NZ CVs, as well as NZ curriculum vitae are written by Successful Resumes New Zealand

Successful Resumes grew rapidly - there were no CV writing professionals in this field back then.  Operations expanded from Queensland into NSW and then into every state in Australia.  There are now over 32 branches in Australia.  In 2006, the group’s first international office opened in London, UK.

In 2009, Denis Odlin, who has a similar marketing and entrepreneurial profile to John Little, established Successful Resumes New Zealand.  He adapted the operations and approach to meet New Zealand job-seekers’ needs. Jo Hampton, who joined as a writer in 2011, took over management of the New Zealand operations in 2016 and is expanding the business across the country.

Further international growth has continued; New York (2010), Singapore (2011) and Hong Kong (2013).

Australia Cvs, Australian resumes as well as Australian curriculum vitae are written by Successful Resumes Australia