CVs that make you stand out from the crowd

Your CV has one straightforward function – to get you a job interview. Easily said, but not so easily done in the current market! Employers have large numbers of applicants for every role.

Successful Resumes’ approach means you’ll have a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd and clearly positions you as a valuable candidate. Your CV (or curriculum vitae or resume as it is also known) is based on a careful needs assessment to create a powerful selling tool – a tool to sell you!

What a Successful Resume contains:

  • A dynamic layout and a professionally designed front cover give the visual impact needed for your CV to succeed in the battle to gain attention
  • Strategic development of your CV:
    • to inject a marketing-oriented approach to selling you
    • to maximise your potential of winning that interview in a competitive employment market
  • A personal profile - because employers hire people based on more than just experience and skills. They are highly motivated by personal qualities and attributes, especially when this information is presented in our unique, proven style
  • A highly readable, succinct writing style, helping the employer to reach a positive decision to interview you without wading through pages of rambling text
  • Your CV will be a powerful "selling tool" - as opposed to being just the traditional list of employment and task related details offered by most people
  • We pay special attention to grammar and syntax as well as to the tense and tempo of the language
  • If you have references or appraisals available, we may use ‘excerpts’ within the body of your CV. We have found this to be a highly effective marketing and image building strategy because it brings the positive opinions of past employers into dynamic focus

Successful Resumes New Zealand write CVs to help you get a job interview

Who can we help?

Successful Resumes' clients range across the entire spectrum of employment - entry level, trades, administrative and middle management through the professions to top management. Each client's needs are individually assessed before work commences.

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Successful Resumes proven resume style involves careful resume presentation to make the cv a powerful personal selling tool