What is the price of your CV writing service?

Beware: Not all CV writing services are the same

A lot of people claim to be professional CV writers.  Most are not.  Their unhappy clients often come to us in confusion because they don’t know why their “professionally written CV” doesn’t get them interviews.  If you are not sure about the differences in CV services, check our Buyers' Guide "Selecting a Professional CV Writer".  CV writing is NOT a commodity service. Like most things, you get what you pay for.

Our prices start from $ 59 plus GST per hour. As a rough indication, it takes four to five hours for an entry level CV, and up to six or even seven hours for a senior manager with many years of experience.

Our process involves interviewing you face-to-face for around an hour to really understand you and your strengths – then drafting your CV, reviewing with you, editing, editing some more, checking and rechecking, then packaging.

When we first talk, we'll discuss your work history and job search needs. From that we can give you a quote based on how long we estimate your project will take.  We confirm this price before starting work with you and keep to this price.

Don’t be fooled by fixed price offers.  Find out more about the risks.

Call to discuss your personal situation.

Resume charges are based on hours per project

Payment Methods

You can pay by cash, credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin or bank transfer.

Payment Terms

Unlike other firms, Successful Resumes does not expect you to pay everything upfront before the project even starts. We request 50% deposit when we interview you and then the balance just prior to delivering the first draft to you.

We also offer pre-pay vouchers which are ideal for gifts, redundancy packages and careers services - talk to one of our writers about customised packages.

Paypal CV charges are based on hours per project
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