Our CV approach is all about you!

First we talk. Our CV approach is tailored to each individual so we interview ALL our clients, either face-to-face or by telephone – even international clients. Successful Resumes is not an impersonal service via faceless email.

We ask you questions and get to know you, listening carefully to your story. We need to know the detail so that we can bring your achievements to life – so this interview will probably take 45 to 60 minutes.

Only then do we commence creating a cutting-edge CV that brings out your best - your personality and personal qualities as well as your technical skills, experience and qualifications.

Successful Resumes writes CEO resumes, trade resumes, professional resumes, student resumes and management resumes

Your results?

  • a stunningly written and highly engaging CV
  • loaded with vital keywords
  • presented in a professional, visually appealing style that has had proven success

Our CV approach has worked successfully across all levels - from students to CEOs, with trades people and professionals. We can assist people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We do not use templates to create your CV. Each document is tailored to you and your job search needs.

We are also up-to-date with the latest in Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). We have tested our approaches with over 50 different ATS applications currently used in New Zealand and Australia to ensure that your CV can be read accurately by a computer and the data correctly imported into a recruiter's database.

Throughout our CV development process, we also provide feedback on your job search and career development decisions. With our experience we can offer new perspectives on how you present yourself at interview.

  • “You’re unique – just like everyone else!”

    Margaret Mead

Don’t be like everyone else.  Your future is too important to put it into the hands of people who are going to just 'type up' your CV.  Most employers are not motivated by a traditional “humdrum list” of boring dates and task descriptions.

An average employer spends less than 60 seconds on the first read of a CV.  You have to make a very strong impact to secure the privilege of an interview.

Your CV is, therefore, possibly the most important document you will ever possess. It should contain the right mix of information to sell you in the most effective and appropriate manner.

You need to stand out. You need to demonstrate, very succinctly, how you really are special, with the attitudes, skills and talents that the employer needs.

A successful CV results from a dynamic interactive process that is structured yet creative. We review your future plans, your expectations of your next job and what you have to offer in the market place.

Successful Resumes writing technique creates a tailored resume in a resume process that is interactive and dynamic.

How we produce a CV:

  • Inject a marketing orientated approach into selling you
  • Use strategic, concise and powerful writing
  • Combine dynamic layout with professional design
  • Create a strong visual impact to gain attention
  • Use marketing tools such as personal profile, assets and achievements
  • Write in a highly readable style
  • Pay careful attention to grammar and syntax
  • Write in a neutral, third person style
  • Strongly understand the interview process
  • Bring positive opinions of employers into clear focus

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